IT Management Process

  • Posted on: 6 November 2016
  • By: admin

This is the process of managing matters regarding information technology resources and operations in an organization. This process ensures all associated employees and technology-related are properly utilized in a manner that provides the value for the company. Effective management enables the company to optimize staffing and resources. It also enables the firms to improve communication and business processes. Individuals working with information technology management should demonstrate abilities in administration and leadership, resource allocation, and strategic planning.

The main aim of IT management is to bring out value through technology. For this reason, technology and business strategy must be aligned. IT management refers to the activities in the company regarding management. MIS is focused on business aspects. It has a strong technology input as well as business strategies. While value creation for a company involves relational networks between external and internal environments technology has a pivotal role in the improvement of the value chain of business. However, this increment requires technology and business management to work in a synergistic, creative, collaborative working team instead of the mechanical control span of the span.

Historically, one particular computing technology had a dedicated set of resources. These resources support a single set of processes and resources. They may not be reconfigured or optimized to suit a particular need. This action led to the development of the product-centric management offering and infrastructure reconfigured.

IT managers are related to project managers. However, their main difference is the focus. The manager is accountable and responsible for any IT program or service while program managers are accountable and responsible for a limited project with a clear end date.

Most IT programs are designed to develop and educate managers who can manage the planning, selection, design, use, implementation, communication technologies and converging information. The curriculum provides the management and technical knowledge for effective integration of people, information, business processes, and communication technologies in support of strategic goals.

Graduates should:
1. Explain important facts, terminology, principles, concepts, theories and analytic techniques in IT management.
2. Apply relevant facts, terminology, theories, principles, analytic techniques, and principles of IT management when analyzing complex situations.
3. Integrate important concepts, facts, and theories in management when developing complex solutions to multifaceted problems.