Dental Implants Make It Easier To Get A Strong, Confident Smile

  • Posted on: 24 September 2016
  • By: admin

There are many reasons why any of us can loose a tooth or even an entire set of teeth at some point in our lifetime; unlike in previous periods of dental history the use of dental implants has now made it easier to replace lost teeth with a crown or other form of false tooth without the need for dentures. Discussing the use of implants should be a priority for those who have lost teeth and wish to return to the confident smile they may have had in the past.

There are two forms of implants available

After losing a tooth or any number of teeth it is important for any Canadian to seek the help of a dental professional to assess the overall oral health, and discuss how best to move forward with dental implants Toronto. There are two forms of dental implants commonly in use that can be chosen between, which are endosteal or in bone implants, and subperiosteal implants that sit on the bone. A dental professional will assess which of these forms of dental implants suits the patient best in terms of their bone strength and the type of crown or bridge being used during the procedure.

Deciding whether a patient is a good candidate

After examining the oral health of the individual the dental professional will then decide how best to proceed with a treatment plan that will include an assessment of the oral health of the individual. The main concern for those providing treatment is to make sure the gum tissues are healthy enough to support the implant and crown or denture.

Forms of dental implant

Choosing the best form of dental implant is an important part of the process of a treatment including dental implants. The dental professional will decide how the bone structure of the jaw is constructed to make sure the correct form of implant is used to secure either a single crown, or an implant supported full bridge is used to replace teeth lost to medical problems or injury.