5 Things You Should Know About Criminal Lawyers' Jobs

  • Posted on: 23 February 2017
  • By: admin

A criminal lawyer is the one who defends individuals or organizations that have been charged with a crime. As the name suggests, a Criminal lawyer Brampton has to deal with various criminal cases, from domestic violence to drug cases. That is why this job is considered to be one of the most risk-taking jobs. Dealing with crimes is not a piece of cake.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of criminal lawyers’ jobs:

1. Education And Experience:
To become a criminal lawyer, a law degree is mandatory, as it is in the case with any other lawyer. The lawyers are approved by the NCA (National Committee of Accreditation) which assesses the legal education credentials of lawyers by applying for admission in a law society.

2. About The Job:
Criminal lawyers have to operate in state, federal and appellate courts, depending upon the charges that their defendants face. The main functions of a criminal lawyer include
• Investigation of the case
• Interview sessions with witnesses
• Planning case strategies
• Negotiation and bargaining to lesser charges
• Drafting, filing and arguing appeals.

3. Required Skills:
While handling a case in the court, the spotlight falls on the criminal lawyers as they are the ones defending an ‘alleged’ criminal. In order to make an impact on the court, they must have
• Excellent speaking and debating skills. It all depends on how they tackle the allegations.
• The presence of mind: An ideal lawyer must have a good ‘presence of mind’ during advocacy in court proceedings. There have been situations where the case slips through the hands of the defendant due to one silly argument, or one strong argument from the opposition. These things have to be kept in mind.
• Investigative Skills: While dealing with witnesses, one has to keep patience for the truth to come out. A good lawyer must have good investigative skills so that they are able to analyze the case well.
• Knowledge of Law: The most basic thing is the understanding of rules, court proceedings and laws. The more you know, the more mature you become as a lawyer.

4. Practice Environment And Conditions:
There are no fixed working hours for criminal lawyers, but once they get a case to handle, it’s hard to even take a day out for oneself. The criminal lawyers have to work long hours, sacrifice their sleep in order to go to the depth of the case. Some cases are easy, while some are muddled up. Moreover, frequent traveling is required to meet different witnesses or to collect evidence.
While some lawyers are hired by solo firms, many start their own private practice. They might also work for the government as public defenders or as a part of an NGO. The government lawyers or the lawyers under an NGO get a fixed salary, while those running their private practice depend upon their cases for their salary. The highest salary received by those who work for bigger law firms. They might end up getting their salary in six figures.

5. Career:
After getting a degree from a law school, many lawyers start working as public defenders appointed by the court. They get to handle the cases of the defendants who can’t afford a lawyer. As their stature increases, they get hired by law firms or become a successful private lawyer.

The lawyers get to learn a lot throughout their college and get prepared to face the real courtroom. With good salary and job satisfaction, criminal law practice is a good profession to choose if you have the right amount of passion and confidence. Moreover, expertise in advocacy increases with experience.
Crime rates do not seem to drop in the contemporary era, nor they will in the near future. In such situations, criminal lawyers have the responsibility to fight for justice and truth, so that the innocent is prevented from any punishment.