Easy To Follow Life Hacks That Make Your Life Easier

  • Posted on: 9 May 2017
  • By: admin

There is always an easier way to do things. We always get stuck in some work or the other, often wondering the reason behind it. Here are a few life hacks that would fix some of your regular troubles and make your life easier:

The Alarm Clock!

Well, the problem of setting up an alarm and not waking up on time is not new. If you feel that your alarm ring is not loud enough, try putting the alarm clock or your phone in a plastic cup. It would enhance the ring tone and help you wake up on time.

The Lost Memory

Image Credits: PJK's Blog

It happens on a regular basis that we don't remember what we did a week ago. For example, your friend borrowed a book from you and didn't remember. The best way to tackle this problem is by clicking pictures at the time of the activity. So, the next time you lend a book to your friend, don't forget to click a picture.

Checking Batteries

There is an easy way to check whether a battery is of good quality. Just make the batteries bounce over a short height. If they only bounce twice or thrice, their quality is good, but if they bounce several times, the quality doesn't seem to be good enough.

Hair Straightener For Easy Ironing

Sounds weird? Well, sometimes we might feel difficult to iron the collars and button edges. To overcome this problem, we can use the hair straightener which makes ironing collars and button edges easy.

Avoid The Onion tears!

Who doesn't want this problem to end! Well, there is an easy solution for the tears that are shed while cutting onions. After peeling and chopping off the edges, soak it in cold water for sometime, and the problem is gone!

Beware Of Crease While Packing Dresses

You can not take the iron everywhere with you. Thus, to avoid crease in your ironed cloths, you can choose to roll your clothes and then pack them. It's a great way of packaging (In case you are moving out of your home, try Real Estate CRM Software for greater deals) which would not only save your clothes but would provide an organized packaging.

Cooling In A Paper Towel

Image credits: yourbestdigs.com

This is a common method, but for those who still don't know, the water in your bottle can be cooled down more quickly if you wrap a paper towel around it.