5 Largest Islands of The World As We Know It

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Humans have always been fascinated by the large landmasses and their movements. Right from the times of Gondwanaland and the movement of tectonic plates, we have at the very least, measured the area of dirt beneath our feet. It is what nurtures us and here are some of the largest landmasses surrounded by oceans or seas.

Greenland - (840,004 sq. miles) (2,175,600 sq. km)

By Jensbn (Own work) [GFDL (http://www.gnu.org/copyleft/fdl.html), CC-BY-SA-3.0 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/) or CC BY 2.5 (http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.5)], via Wikimedia Commons

Greenland is the largest island by area and although said to be green,it is actually white i.e covered in ice. Polar caps surround the land and the vegetation is sparse with ice covering the ground and rarely thawing.

New Guinea - (303,381 sq. miles) (785,753 sq. km)

By Vladimir Lysenko (I.) (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Being the largest land mass in the southwestern Pacific region, this island is one of the largest. Larger than most land masses, this is one of the most massive expanses of earth on this earth, second only to Greenland. It covers a whopping area of 785,753 km square.

Borneo - (288,869 sq. miles) (748,168 sq. km)

By T. R. Shankar Raman (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Typically famous for its rain forests, this region has a lot of biodiversity and a lot of area, the last measure standing at 743,330 km². In Sabah is 4,095m-tall Mount Kinabalu, this island landmass's highest peak, and just off its famous shore is the popular diving location, Sipadan Island.

Madagascar - (226,917 sq. miles) (587,713 sq. km)

By Bernard Gagnon (Own work) [GFDL or CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

It has appeared in a whole lot of animated movies and is quite bio-diverse as well. It is present off the southeastern coast of Africa and is a very large island nation. Its capital is Antananarivo and in close proximity lies a hillside complex of royal grounds and resting places of the dead, as well as the “Avenue of the Baobabs,” a not so well built road scaled on the sides by massive centuries-old trees. For switching over to IPv6, visit ipv6 adoption

Sumatra - (171,069 sq. miles) (443,066 sq. km)

via Flickr/ WFabio Achilli

Home of the rare Sumatran tiger, this is an island, a part of the Indonesian nation. It is known for its rugged landmass and hot bubbling volcanoes known to frequently blast and spill over.Bustling Medan, the island’s largest city, is a diverse economic hub and gateway to North Sumatra.

Personal Firepower: Hottest Handguns Ever!

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Who doesn't love to have these little bad boys in their possession?
See the best and most influential handguns ever made. After all, firepower lovers can't have it more personal than a beautiful, tried and tested sidearm.


A polymer-encircled, short backlash worked, bolted breech self-loader guns composed and delivered by Glock Ges.m.b.H., situated in Deutsch-Wagram, Austria. It entered Austrian military and police benefit by 1982.

COLT 1911A1 .45 ACP

The M1911 is a solitary activity, self-loader, magazine-bolstered, pull back worked gun loaded for the .45 ACP cartridge, which filled in as the standard-issue sidearm for the United States Armed Forces from 1911 to 1985. It was first utilized as a part of later phases of the Philippine-American War, and was broadly utilized as a part of World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War.
DNS firewall provides necessary protection against virus infiltration.

SIG P226

A full-sized, service-type pistol made by SIG Sauer. It is chambered for the 9×19mm Parabellum, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, and .22 Long Rifle. It is essentially the same basic design of the SIG P220, but developed to use higher capacity, staggered-column magazines in place of the single-column magazines of the P220.

CZ 75

A pistol made in the Czech Republic that has both semi-automatic and selective fire variants. First introduced in 1975, it is one of the original "wonder nines" featuring a staggered-column magazine, all-steel construction, and a hammer forged barrel.


A 5 shot pistol that is chambered in either .38 Special or .357 Magnum gauges. It was the main pistol delivered from stainless steel.

Browning HI-POWER

A solitary activity, self-loader handgun accessible in 9mm and .40 S&W bores. It depends on a plan by American guns designer John Browning, and finished by Dieudonnã© Saive at Fabrique Nationale (FN) of Herstal, Belgium.

Moving Out Guide By The Professional Movers

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"Hindsight is 20/20" — it's a platitude saying, yet it's entirely exact with regards to moving! It appears that you generally wish you sorted out in an unexpected way, arranged more, or basically had a less demanding approach to explore the moving procedure. Fortunately, we have you secured! These hacks from movers Toronto Canada are the most exhaustive manual for remaining in front of moving burdens.

Before you move

  • On the off chance that conceivable, clean the restroom and kitchen in your new residence before you move in.
  • Assign a give heap for all garments and things that you would prefer not to bring with you.
  • Bear in mind to request a receipt to guarantee a duty finding!
  • For the 2-3 weeks paving the way to your turn, arrange your suppers around whatever solidified sustenance, perishable things, or half open holders that you have around the kitchen.
  • You can likewise give your nonperishable things to Move for Hunger!
  • Refresh your address for every one of your records, utilities, and memberships a little while before moving day.
  • Search around! The more gauges you have for moving-related administrations, the more possibilities you need to spare some cash.
  • Rather than discarding old batteries and gadgets, discover a hardware reusing focus in your general vicinity.
  • Measure EVERYTHING. In the event that a household item can't fit in your new home, dispose of it! 
  • Plan your turn for the center of the month or the center of the week to cut expenses. It's less expensive to move then!
Step by step instructions to recover your Deposit

  • In case you're leasing, take photographs of your old place as you move out and photographs of your new residence as you move in.
  • Evacuate any gouges in the cover that furniture deserted with ice 3D shapes. Essentially put the ice 3D shapes on the imprints, let them soften, and utilize a spoon to lift the strands.
  • Utilize white Ivory cleanser, toothpaste, and different things to fill nail gaps in your dividers. 
  • Broken glass on the floor? Utilize a cut of bread to get the pieces that your floor brush missed!
  • To make picture outlines more steady and shield your dividers from scraping, cut off pencil erasers and paste them to the back of the edge before hanging it up.
  • Wrap an elastic band around a sledge to counteract scraping the divider when evacuating nails.
  • To get recolors out of the cover, utilize a blend of 1 section hydrogen peroxide and 2 sections water. Add some lemon fundamental oil to the blend, shake daintily, shower the zone, and let set for a moment. Scour with a clean brush, and voila — great as new!
  • On the off chance that you have scrape blemishes on hardwood floors, cut an opening in a tennis ball, stick the ball on the finish of a sweeper, and rub the scrape check until it vanishes. 
Spare time, cash, and bother while pressing

  • Approach neighborhood retailers and organizations for their previously owned boxes.
  • Secure delicate things with magazines and daily paper as opposed to pressing peanuts. Be careful with the ink!
  • While your garments are as yet hanging in the wardrobe, put them inside a junk sack to make unloading more straightforward.

6 Smart Tips To Pay Back Your Loans Even Faster!!

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If you're someone who is paying back loans right now, you'd probably relate to this - constantly calculating how much interest you're paying, how many years or months left for your loans to be done, etc.

Giving a huge part of your salary to repay loans can be a little disheartening, especially after you're done with the excitement of buying that new car or the new house.

However, not all loans need to be paid diligently till the end. Quick cash loans online can also be paid back faster than the promised time if you try to be smart about it. There are so many ways you can repay your loans faster, thus reducing the amount you pay as interest and also, the number of years to complete your loan.

1. Earn more, Repay more

Most employees get a hike in their salary once a year and when you do, make it a point to add a good portion of your increment to the amount you repay every month. This way, you're loan amount will reduce faster and you will not feel like you're losing out on much because you'd already have been running your house with the amount you used to receive previously.

2. Bonuses? Straight To Your Repayment Fund

Festival bonuses and any other big fat bonus that you receive should go straight into your loan repayment fund. Though this might seem difficult to do, a little bit of discipline in things like this could go a long way in helping you save more in the future.

3. Round It Up

Loan installments usually tend to be in numbers that aren't exactly rounded. For example, if your monthly installment is $87.5 dollars, paying $100 dollars a month is not going to make a big difference for you every month. But it will reduce your loan amount when calculated for a year.

4. Find Ways To Make Extra Cash

You can have a garage sale, you could try selling off items that you don't need on ebay or other sites and use the extra money to repay your loans faster. There will always be a way if you put your mind to it and it's upto you to find them.

5. Make Frequent Payments

There's no hard and fast rule that you should pay only once a month. If you can make partial payments in the middle of the week, it will reduce your interest. Though it might seem like a very small reduction, it still counts because you're still paying less than what you would be if you paid once a month.

6. Cut Out Some Of Your Extra Spending

Making small lifestyle changes like eating out only once a week rather than thrice can help you in saving money. There are so many unnecessary things we spend money on every month. Identifying those things and cutting them out can help you increase your savings and pay back your loans faster.

Discipline is the key. You may not get to splurge now, but you will one day.

Aspiring To Be A Hot Shot Real Estate Agent? Top 6 Hacks To Be One!

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In the current arena, everything has become so automated and systematized that we need efficiency and effectiveness in each and every walk of life. We tend to develop life hacks to succeed in every aspect of life. Similarly, to become a successful real estate agent, we can refer to the Best CRM for Real Estate to develop real estate hacks as well.

Some of the minute details that one needs to keep in mind while trying to become a real estate agent are as follows:

1. Communication - This One is Absolutely Necessary!

Image credits: light-canvas.com

The way one expresses anything showcases the belief and the passion of that person towards that particular thing. So, the way you take it to your clients and try to connect to them across multiple platforms will ensure their interest into whatever you are proposing to them.

2. Cloud Data Storage: The More You Know About it, The Better it Gets.

Image credits: jisc.ac.uk

It is the need of the hour with big data, cloud storage, and analytics to emphasize the use of technology in whatever business you are in. So, it is essential to store the data in the cloud and use updated applications in order to keep the data handy for further analysis. Best CRM for Real Estate makes it easier to store information using cloud technology.

3. Access Uber Life: Keep Your Clients Moving

Image credits: The Bubble

To get to your clients or to visit any estate for different business meetings or to supervise the work, one needs to facilitate the transport. And, in the same case, Uber or any other cab agency can serve as a very supportive option.

4. Scheduling: You Need To Watch Your Watch Eh.

The timetable of each and every domain of work should be maintained and followed in a proper order. This helps in making the person prompt, effective and informed. Maybe this Quora thread can help you.

5. Outsourcing: Well, You Can't Make It To the Top All By Yourself

It is not mandatory to deal with each and every stuff solely by yourself. It can be a life-saving experience to hire best professionals from outside of your firm for dedicated job assignments.

Sleep and Balance: Just Work will Make You Less Efficient

With all the work piling over your head, you really need to find the proper time for sound sleep. This will give you relaxation and re-energize you with brand new ideas the next day. All of this together will create a perfect balance and make you successful in dealing with people and being a successful real estate agent as per Best CRM for Real Estate.

Easy To Follow Life Hacks That Make Your Life Easier

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There is always an easier way to do things. We always get stuck in some work or the other, often wondering the reason behind it. Here are a few life hacks that would fix some of your regular troubles and make your life easier:

The Alarm Clock!

Well, the problem of setting up an alarm and not waking up on time is not new. If you feel that your alarm ring is not loud enough, try putting the alarm clock or your phone in a plastic cup. It would enhance the ring tone and help you wake up on time.

The Lost Memory

Image Credits: PJK's Blog

It happens on a regular basis that we don't remember what we did a week ago. For example, your friend borrowed a book from you and didn't remember. The best way to tackle this problem is by clicking pictures at the time of the activity. So, the next time you lend a book to your friend, don't forget to click a picture.

Checking Batteries

There is an easy way to check whether a battery is of good quality. Just make the batteries bounce over a short height. If they only bounce twice or thrice, their quality is good, but if they bounce several times, the quality doesn't seem to be good enough.

Hair Straightener For Easy Ironing

Sounds weird? Well, sometimes we might feel difficult to iron the collars and button edges. To overcome this problem, we can use the hair straightener which makes ironing collars and button edges easy.

Avoid The Onion tears!

Who doesn't want this problem to end! Well, there is an easy solution for the tears that are shed while cutting onions. After peeling and chopping off the edges, soak it in cold water for sometime, and the problem is gone!

Beware Of Crease While Packing Dresses

You can not take the iron everywhere with you. Thus, to avoid crease in your ironed cloths, you can choose to roll your clothes and then pack them. It's a great way of packaging (In case you are moving out of your home, try Real Estate CRM Software for greater deals) which would not only save your clothes but would provide an organized packaging.

Cooling In A Paper Towel

Image credits: yourbestdigs.com

This is a common method, but for those who still don't know, the water in your bottle can be cooled down more quickly if you wrap a paper towel around it.

5 Things You Should Know About Criminal Lawyers' Jobs

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A criminal lawyer is the one who defends individuals or organizations that have been charged with a crime. As the name suggests, a Criminal lawyer Brampton has to deal with various criminal cases, from domestic violence to drug cases. That is why this job is considered to be one of the most risk-taking jobs. Dealing with crimes is not a piece of cake.

Let’s have a look at some of the features of criminal lawyers’ jobs:

1. Education And Experience:
To become a criminal lawyer, a law degree is mandatory, as it is in the case with any other lawyer. The lawyers are approved by the NCA (National Committee of Accreditation) which assesses the legal education credentials of lawyers by applying for admission in a law society.

2. About The Job:
Criminal lawyers have to operate in state, federal and appellate courts, depending upon the charges that their defendants face. The main functions of a criminal lawyer include
• Investigation of the case
• Interview sessions with witnesses
• Planning case strategies
• Negotiation and bargaining to lesser charges
• Drafting, filing and arguing appeals.

3. Required Skills:
While handling a case in the court, the spotlight falls on the criminal lawyers as they are the ones defending an ‘alleged’ criminal. In order to make an impact on the court, they must have
• Excellent speaking and debating skills. It all depends on how they tackle the allegations.
• The presence of mind: An ideal lawyer must have a good ‘presence of mind’ during advocacy in court proceedings. There have been situations where the case slips through the hands of the defendant due to one silly argument, or one strong argument from the opposition. These things have to be kept in mind.
• Investigative Skills: While dealing with witnesses, one has to keep patience for the truth to come out. A good lawyer must have good investigative skills so that they are able to analyze the case well.
• Knowledge of Law: The most basic thing is the understanding of rules, court proceedings and laws. The more you know, the more mature you become as a lawyer.

4. Practice Environment And Conditions:
There are no fixed working hours for criminal lawyers, but once they get a case to handle, it’s hard to even take a day out for oneself. The criminal lawyers have to work long hours, sacrifice their sleep in order to go to the depth of the case. Some cases are easy, while some are muddled up. Moreover, frequent traveling is required to meet different witnesses or to collect evidence.
While some lawyers are hired by solo firms, many start their own private practice. They might also work for the government as public defenders or as a part of an NGO. The government lawyers or the lawyers under an NGO get a fixed salary, while those running their private practice depend upon their cases for their salary. The highest salary received by those who work for bigger law firms. They might end up getting their salary in six figures.

5. Career:
After getting a degree from a law school, many lawyers start working as public defenders appointed by the court. They get to handle the cases of the defendants who can’t afford a lawyer. As their stature increases, they get hired by law firms or become a successful private lawyer.

The lawyers get to learn a lot throughout their college and get prepared to face the real courtroom. With good salary and job satisfaction, criminal law practice is a good profession to choose if you have the right amount of passion and confidence. Moreover, expertise in advocacy increases with experience.
Crime rates do not seem to drop in the contemporary era, nor they will in the near future. In such situations, criminal lawyers have the responsibility to fight for justice and truth, so that the innocent is prevented from any punishment.

5 Proven Ways To Protect Your DNS From Cybersquatting

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When the DNS was first created, developers were more focused on building a system to connect a small network while keeping in mind future potential for larger use. However, they could not have predicted the global phenomenon that became the world wide web and hence, failed to account for security factors that could come into play.

DNS is a simple hierarchical model that redirects host names to their respective ip addresses. Since it lacks any kind of security feature additional DNS protection is essential for any network.

What is Cybersquatting?

The internet consists of users who register a domain that hosts their website. Cybersquatting involves third party users registering domain names related to affluent businesses or celebrities, despite not being affiliated with the organization in question. Often times, the squatters hope to sell these domains for a sizable profit. Other times they try to make money from the traffic directed their way due to mistyping of popular domains. Still another reason for this is purely malicious where individuals wish to slander the owners of the original domain while mocking them with a domain nearly indistinguishable from theirs.

Whatever the reason may be, domain squatting is a growing trend that big names must be wary of. However there are a few tricks to not be a victim to this.

1. Have a registered trademark

The first thing to do when setting up your domain is to register a trademark with Government agencies. A registered trademark lends credibility. That way, even if someone manages to set up a domain in your name, you can contest it in court.

2. Record the proper domain ownership

Make sure to register your correct information when registering your domain. If you have your IT team set up your domain, ensure that the ownership is yours. That way if your employee leaves your organization, you will not have to contest ownership or buy back your own domain at higher prices.

3. Buy up variations of your domain name

People often do not pay attention when looking at website URLs. Errors while typing are common. That is why it is often better to buy a host of websites related to your domain name in order to be able to redirect traffic to your main page. That way, even if someone wants to profit off your popularity, there won’t be any domains they can squat at.

4. Get more than one extension

In addition to registering multiple spellings of your domain, be sure to buy different extensions too. A lot of domain extensions exist on the web, such as, .com, .net, .org, .biz, .xyz etc. Check off the common ones of your list to ensure users do not travel to an erroneous site.

5. Head off the haters

A common practice when trying to malign a name is to add slurs to the original domain. Research possible slurs and lewd remarks that may be added to your domain and make them unavailable to any hateful agent. Also head off any potential jokes that may become popular as a result of your company name.

A domain name is more than the your website’s host, it is the identity of your brand and, as such, it is important to protect it. Unfortunately domain name-related crimes fall under civil suits and not criminal and it is notoriously difficult to prove bad faith which is necessary to win said lawsuit. Buying back abused domains can be expensive. Thus it is in your company’s best interests to fend off potential mishaps before they happen. By being vigilant and following these tips you can secure your DNS and keep any cybersquatters away from your name.

DNS Content Filtering: Everything You Need To Know

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All of us must have encountered DNS content filtering one time or another, whether we know it or not. While surfing the net, you must have come across messages telling you that the website you are trying to access is blocked or that access to a particular website is denied. These messages appear due to the DNS filtering being enabled on your network.

To understand what DNS content filtering is you must be familiar with the term DNS first. DNS (Domain Name System) is an integral part of the internet which is responsible for mapping the web address you enter in your browser (like google.com) to its corresponding IP address ( The systems on net communicate with the help of these IP addresses only.

DNS filtering allows you to block some of these IP addresses, thus, making them inaccessible to the users on that network. It monitors the websites we are visiting and looks for any objectionable content in it. This objectionable content could be user specific, varying from pornography, viruses and spyware, religiously or politically controversial topics etc. Once it finds that the incoming web page contains any of these objectionable materials, it immediately blocks and reports it.

Now, the first question which arises in your mind is who needs DNS filtering and why do they need it? DNS filtering finds its use at many places from organizations and corporations to small homes. They all require it for one reason or another.
The corporations need DNS filtering to ensure DNS protection. It weeds out harmful sites containing viruses and spyware which may compromise their network security. They also need it to block online pornography and other video streaming sites like youtube which eat a great chunk from their bandwidth.

DNS filtering also enables parents in blocking pornographic contents at home. It is also a common practice in schools and academic places to install DNS filtering solution, where access to certain websites which are distracting in nature like facebook or twitter or the pornographic content is denied.

Now that you know who needs DNS filtering and why it is important, you should know how it is implemented. There are various different techniques for DNS filtering from which you may choose the one which fits your requirements.

• Blacklists – These are the lists which contain a directory of sites which you don’t want to be accessed. Generally, sites containing viruses, spyware or some other malware are marked under this list.
• Category based filtering – In this type of filtering, you can block websites belonging to certain categories. These categories can be predefined such as video streaming or social networking sites or can be customized as per your requirements.
• Keyword filters – This would allow you to block websites containing some particular keywords. This is particularly helpful in blocking websites which may have radical contents (especially religious or political) not suitable for your work environment.
• Time-based filters – As the name suggests it uses a timer for DNS filtering. The filters can be imposed during the certain period of time and relaxed after that. It results in better utilization of bandwidth as the timer can be turned on during the desired period and then switched off as per your convenience.

Having a DNS content filtering solution ensures DNS protection for your network. It protects your network from viruses and other malicious programs, thus, ensuring a safe and secure work environment. Having DNS filtering at homes and schools prevents children from getting distracted and guarantees their overall growth.

Now that you everything about DNS filtering, you may be tempted to go for a DNS filtering solution. But before, that you must get acquainted with the features you are looking for in it. Not every other DNS filtering solution is suitable for you and, mind you, there are a whole lot of them out there. So first, you must assess your needs and requirements and then look for the most suitable solution.

Benefits of A CRM Software For Real Estate Business

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In this age of technological innovations, manual record keeping and operations are a thing of the past. Small and large businesses alike are increasingly opting for comprehensive resource management systems for increased efficiency and functionality. More and more computing software are flooding the market to meet these needs. The CRM is one such tool that helps entrepreneurs battle this challenge.

What is CRM?
CRM or Customer Relationship Management software is a wide-ranging environment that analyzes customer data in order to improve firm’s relationship with present and, potential, future customers. CRM uses algorithmic approach to manage a business’ interaction with its customer base.By focusing on customer history and potential needs, CRM helps in customer retention and hence helps drive up revenue.

What are the benefits of using CRM?
• Increased ability to recognize and target high-valued customers.
• Increased personalized service offered to customers.
• Ability to select and customize products based on majority client demands
• Saves time of human resource by automating interaction with customers
• Produce better, targeted campaigns by analyzing market message

Why Real Estate CRM
As a Real Estate worker, much of your job deals with business-client interactions. Thus ensuring client satisfaction is paramount to success. The Real Estate CRM Software helps in this endeavor by automating much of the necessary workload. Bookings, appointments, emails, personalized messages can all be handled by a single system leaving you free to handle everything else.

Generate Leads
Real Estate CRM can generate, organize and maintain leads, both in buyer and seller markets that can add to your client base. Meanwhile, brokers can assign particular leads to agents, assimilate leads from other real estate portals and management solutions, and find reports providing information on where new prospects maybe available.

Robust Data Support
The software has complete cloud support via its Concierge Set-Up Service and can work across a variety of mobile platforms thus giving you complete control over your data. It can maintain an email drip system, thereby making your campaign load negligible. It can be used to set up Monthly e-Newsletter, Email Header and Signature, Automated Lead Capture and many other services.

Automate Tasks
The software automates much of the menial tasks that can take up an employee’s time. Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Occasions have automatic reminders set up. Calendars and Task Lists keep appointments from being missed.

Increase Efficiency
The Active Business functionality acts like a virtual transaction coordinator. By assigning Listing and Closing Activity Plans, uploading offers, managing transaction related documents and much more, the software essentially acts like an infallible personal assistant that streamlines workflow

Customizable for Different Teams
Additionally, Real Estate CRM may be personalized for individual team sizes. Individual calendars, lists and functionality are provided for employees. It also keeps track of your past interactions with customers. This may be used in employee training programs to better help Customer Service Representatives understand a client’s requirements.

Research finds that on average, a 5% increase in customer retention boosts profits by 50%. Customer loyalty is one of the core policies of any CRM. Successful CRM relationships have names like Amazon, Wells Fargo and MBNA in the example board. Thus with Real Estate CRM you can, not only, generate a more efficient workplace, but potentially rise to be one the Industry Greats.